Your Natural Choice: Tips for Counteracting the Winter Blues

Quick Tip #1

Take a Night Walk. Don't let the rain, wind, or cold stop you! In our family, we go for a stomp around the neighborhood after dinner. Walking after a meal is good for digestion, helps kids sleep better, and is good family bonding time. If you can get out during the day, that's great, too: spending just 20 minutes outside, even if the sky is overcast, helps combat the symptoms of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Being comfortable outside in the Oregon winter is all about the gear: I recommend the Columbia Outlet Store (1323 SE Tacoma St, 503-238-0118) for a good coat and boots.


Quick Tip #2

Meditate, chant, or pray with your pets and children. If you have a daily (or even a sporadic) spiritual practice, don't think you have to stop doing it because you have a new pet or baby. Both animals and children often love to sit with you or nearby while you meditate, chant, or pray: it creates a calming, safe space for them, too. Our six-month-old dog now asks to sit in my lap while I meditate. And don't despair if you don't have a lot of time to practice every day: it's amazing what you can do with only five minutes.


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