Women & Heart Attack Symptoms

Heart attacks are still the number one cause of death in the USA. Women are more likely then men to dismiss the symptoms that come on before a severe attack and therefore do not get treatment that could save their heart and life. Here are the most common signs that women experience. Women may have only one of these symptoms. The important thing is to get yourself checked out if you have any concerns that you may have symptoms of a heart attack.

  • Chest pain: sense of tightening, squeezing and/or fullness anywhere in the chest.
  • Pain in the neck, jaw, arm or back. This symptom is more common in women than men. This pain can come on gradually, all of a sudden or may wax and wane.
  • Stomach pain/pressure. It may be a lot of pressure! Or you may have burning sensations.
  • Shortness of breath like you just ran up a mountain, but you didn't. Other symptoms of light-headedness and nausea may accompany SOB.
  • Cold sweat.
  • Extreme fatigue: too tired to get out of the chair, or a sense of fatigue in the chest.
  • A impending sense that something is wrong.


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