More than Kegals!

By Dr. Megan Golani

I know you just did one, it always happens when someone mentions the word Kegels. Maybe you just did another one. Funny thing is that even though we are often doing Kegel exercises, many women still have pelvic floor issues. Maybe it is the embarrassing urinary incontinence, the dragging sensation and pain of prolapse, or the decreased sexual pleasure that has you doing Kegel exercises. Kegels only work to strengthen the strong muscles down there, the ones that you can actively engage when you squeeze or stop the flow of urine. Kegels cannot engage the weaker pelvic floor muscles, which can lead to an imbalance of pelvic muscle tone causing pelvic pain and incontinence. An imbalance pelvic floor can even be the underlying cause of many common symptoms women experience every month: low back pain, menstrual cramps, pain from sex, and even constipation. Having pelvic muscle balance is important to decreasing these common symptoms and preventing future women's health issue.

Holistic Pelvic CareTM (HPC) addresses these issues by supporting the entire pelvic bowl. It is an intra-vaginal physical therapy that works to balance and evenly strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with muscle tension release and trigger point work. It also uses guided visualization and breath work to help change underlying energetic patterns that can contribute to ongoing issue. Some women also experience an emotional release with HPC; others report feeling a deeper connection to themselves and their bodies.

HPC supports women of all ages. I especially recommended it to women in the postpartum period because many imbalances can occur during pregnancy or birth. Sadly, many women do not get this support early in their lives, which further contribute to pelvic floor problems. Whether working on the physical level restoring confidence with better bladder control and pain reduction, or on the emotional level, this therapy supports women of all ages to feel better and more confident in their bodies.


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