In addition to our Doctors' regular practices, they often offer focused programs to help their patients achieve optimal health. Currently the following programs are offered at Natural Choices Health Clinic:

Full Health Weight Loss

The Full Health Weight Loss program, developed by naturopathic physician Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, is a resource to help you achieve a sustainable, healthy weight without calorie counting, weigh-ins or drugs. It is a holistic approach addressing the underlying causes of weight gain and charting a path to lifelong, healthy weight.

No one gains or loses weight in the same way. You will receive:

  • A free initial consultation,
  • A compassionate and nurturing support system,
  • A detailed medical evaluation and laboratory tests,
  • An individualized diet and exercise plan,
  • An exploration of specific emotional and psychological barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your long-term weight goals,
  • Lifestyle counseling,
  • Instructions on how to shop for and cook healthy food,
  • Tools to help address challenging situations,
  • And ongoing physician supervision. 

Chronic weight gain is often the result of a complex interaction of underlying medical, emotional, psychological and societal issues. In other words, it is a symptom of a greater problem. To break the cycle of yo-yo dieting and achieve sustained weight loss, the emotional, psychological and lifestyle components of overeating must be addressed.

Full Health Weight Loss is designed for: 

  • People who are ready for a lasting change.
  • People committed to investing in their health.
  • People who have been unable to achieve and maintain their weight goals in the past.
  • People who are ready to explore how their behavior and feelings are impacting their weight and health and then take the proactive steps necessary to make a change.  

Full Health Weight Loss follows three well-established phases to sustained weight loss. Phase one builds the foundation for success. During this time Dr. Tufenkian does extensive lab testing, a comprehensive physical examination and health history. She addresses underlying hormonal imbalances as well as underlying issues that may have blocked healthy weight in the past. During phase one, key lifestyle changes and treatment plans are implemented.

Phase two is the integration phase. During this period you will be optimizing health on all levels, examining potential failure points and deepening your understanding of what steps are necessary to continue to meet your health goals. You will see a continued loss of inches and with it an improved sense of well-being. During the integration phase, lab results should be normalizing and lifestyle changes will become increasingly easy. You should have an improved sense of vitality and a far more positive outlook.

Phase three is all about continued wellness and sustained weight loss. This phase, which can last as long as you like, provides the ongoing opportunity for support and the ability to further your skills in health. It is really a celebration of your achievement and a honing of skills to maintain a lasting change.

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Doctor in the Kitchen

One of the most important aspects of Dr. Tufenkian's practice involves her love of food as medicine. Her innovative Doctor in the Kitchen program was created to help patients find the right foods for their unique bodies.

This program is customized to meet each patient's specific needs. It is the ultimate in a hands-on approach to personalized care. Dr. Jenny Tufenkian works with you to create menu plans, recipes, and shopping lists, and then personally teaches you how to shop for foods and cook! At the end of the program all of your food and diet-related medical questions will be answered.

Doctor in the Kitchen is particularly valuable for people who have special medical needs such as diabetes, cancer, gluten, dairy or other sensitivities, weight issues, or for people who just want to eat healthier foods. 

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The BodyWise Program

This two-part workshop is designed to introduce attendees to practical, fun, easy to use tools to help reach their weight management goals. Please email for the date and time of the next workshop. 

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