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About Naturopathic Medicine

Q. What is Naturopathic Medicine?

A. Naturopathic medicine focuses on the person, not the illness. We are trained to recognize patterns of imbalance known as disease. To do this, we look at what is unique to you, your health history, how you manage stress, what your body does when you are ill, how you feel emotionally, the environment you live in and what you eat. As we investigate these things, we discover what is causing your illness and are able to apply therapies and lifestyle changes to help you restore health and balance to your life.

Q. I have already seen other doctors and had tests. No one knows why I don't feel well. How can you help?

A. Often patients have what is called "functional disease" instead of a frank pathology. This means that even though most lab tests are normal, the body is far from functioning optimally.  Consequently, you don't feel well. Because the naturopathic physician treats the person and not the disease, diagnosing and treating functional disease is one of the many places naturopathic medicine shines. We have a very deep toolbox and are able to help the most health challenged individual to restore health and vitality—even if your combination of symptoms doesn't yet have a name.

Q. How are ND's and MD's similar?

A. We are both trained in accredited 4-year post graduate medical programs. MD's are well trained to diagnose a disease and treat it with drugs, or surgery, creating symptomatic relief in most cases. Naturopaths also treat the symptoms, but do not stop there. We believe illness will continue to recur and overall health cannot be fully restored without uncovering the root cause of the imbalance that resulted in your symptoms in the first place. We utilize a rich resource of natural remedies, emotional and behavioral techniques, lifestyle counseling, and bodywork to bring a patient to a point of true health or balance. We spend more time with our patients, making sure they understand the importance they play in their own health. ND's are not trained in major surgery and do not have hospital privileges.

Q. What kind of training do ND's receive?

A. Licensed ND's from accredited institutions attend a four year post-graduate education comparable to other medical schools. The first years are dedicated to mastering the health sciences. Courses include anatomy, physiology, clinical and physical diagnosis, biochemistry, pathology, laboratory diagnosis, microbiology, diagnostic imaging and histology. While we are learning to master the physical body, we are also studying naturopathic philosophy and therapeutic modalities. We have extensive studies in clinical nutrition, homeopathy, botanical medicine, psychology, hydrotherapy, and physical manipulation (bodywork). The final two years focus on working with actual patients.  This training includes gynecology, urology, dermatology, environmental medicine, oncology, gastroenterology, pediatrics and geriatrics. Naturopathic students have 1200 hours of hands on clinical training treating patients under the supervision of a licensed naturopathic physician.

Q. Will you communicate and work with my other care providers?

A. Yes. We believe a treatment team is often the best approach and are happy to facilitate a collaborative relationship with your other care providers. Please bring the contact information for your health care providers to your appointment.

Q. Can I still take my medications?

A. Yes. You should remain on your prescribed medications. If, after working with us, you are well enough to eliminate the prescription or switch to a lower dose, we will facilitate a conversation with your prescribing physician to have it altered. If we are your primary care provider, we can change your prescription as necessary. We are extensively trained in drug-herb-nutriceutical interactions and will avoid known risks. We will discuss possible interactions with you and your other health care providers.

Q. Can you prescribe medications and order refills for me?

A. This will depend on the medication. Our doctors have chosen not to obtain a DEA license, so they cannot prescribe class III drugs. With that exception, we do have a large formulary at our disposal that is adequate for the treatment of most conditions.

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About Acupressure and Chiropractic Treatments

Q. What is Chiropractic Medicine?

A. Chiropractic medicine focuses on restoring normal function in the skeletal joints by releasing muscular contractures and connective tissue adhesions, which helps to improve nerve function and vascular flow throughout the entire body.

Q. I have been told I will have to live with pain the rest of my life. No one knows why. How can you help?

A. Through gentle, gradual and specific release of contracted soft tissues it is possible to permanently remove the cause of chronic pain that often remains untreated and uncorrected.

Q. Can I benefit by receiving both Chiropractic and Physical Therapy simultaneously?

A. Generally it is better to first go through a course of Chiropractic treatment to release restrictions in muscles, joints and connective tissues before starting a strengthening program of Physical Therapy. As a rule, tight muscles cannot be properly strengthened.

Q. Will the treatment be painful?

A. Acupressure should always be performed within your comfort level, and Chiropractic Manipulations should never be painful.

Q. Will I be sore the next day?

A. Occasionally there might be a mild soreness the next day, but this is very rare.

Q. Will I rest better after a treatment?

A. Yes. People often report that they sleep much better after a treatment.

Q. Will I need long-term treatment?

A. Every condition is different, but the goal is to reach maximum improvement as quickly as possible and not make you dependent on long-term treatment.

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About Health Insurance

Q. Will my insurance pay for the visit?

A. Each day, more insurance companies are covering naturopathic and chiropractic office visits. If you think you may have naturopathic/chiropractic coverage on your health plan, it is best to consult your insurance company directly about such coverage. Or if you plan to schedule an appointment with us, contact our office with your insurance information and we will check your benefits for you. If you do have coverage on your health insurance plan we will submit claims for you; you may be responsible for Co-Pay at the time of your appointment.

If you do not have naturopathic or chiropractic coverage, let your insurance company know that this is something you would like them to provide in the future. More coverage will become standard when more individuals request it.

We are a preferred provider for Lifewise of Oregon and Regence Blue Shield.

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