Parenting & Children

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Suggested Parenting Philosophy Books

Mothering from Your Center: Tapping Your Body's Natural Energy for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting by Tami Lynn Kent.

Whole Child Whole Parent by Polly Berrien Berends.

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child by John Gottman, Ph.D.

Simplicity Parenting: Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier and More Secure Kids by Kim John Payne.

Raising Your Spirited Child: A Guide for Parents Whose Child is More Intense, Sensitive, Perceptive, Persistent and Energetic by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

Kids, Parents and Power Struggles: Winning for a Lifetime by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

The Blessing of a Skinned Knee: Using Jewish Teachings to Raise Self-Reliant Children by Wendy Mogel, Ph.D.

Models of Love: The Parent-Child Journey by Joyce Vissel, RN MS & Barry Vissel, MD.

Parenting from the Inside Out: How a Deeper Self-Understanding Can Help You Raise Children Who Thrive by Daniel J. Siegel, MD & Mary Hartzell, M.Ed.

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, MD & Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish.

Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish.

Parenting Your Internationally Adopted Child: From Your First Hours Together Through the Teen Years by Patty Cogen, M.A., Ed.D.

Child's Mind: Mindfulness Practices to Help Our Children Be More Focused, Calm and Relaxed by Christopher Willard.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters and Health by Christiane Northrup, MD.

Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv.

Suggested Health & Wellness Books

Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Dana Ullman, M.P.H.

The Patient's Guide to Homeopathic Medicine and Homeopathic Self-Care by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW & Robert Ullman, ND.

Rage-Free Kids: Homeopathic Medicine for Defiant, Aggressive and Violent Children by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW & Robert Ullman, ND.

Ritalin Free Kids by Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman, ND, MSW & Robert Ullman, ND.

Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child by Janet Zand, Lac, OMD, Rachel Walton, RN & Rob Roundree, MD.

Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky, Ph.D.

Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense by Ellyn Satter.

Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.

It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing Up, Sex, and Sexual Health by Robie H. Harris.

The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults by Randall Neustaedter, OMD.

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations by Stephanie Cave, MD.

Suggested Books about Autism & Asperger Spectrum Concerns

Children with Starving Brains: A Medical Treatment Guide for Autism Spectrum Disorder by Jaquelyn McCandless, MD.

Asperger Syndrome: Natural Steps Toward a Better Life by Suzanne C. Lawton, ND.

Special-Needs Kids Eat Right: Strategies to Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum Focus, Learn, and Thrive by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD.

Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder: A Mother's Story of Research & Recovery by Karyn Seroussi.

Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues by Lindy Biel, MA, OTR/L & Nancy Peske.