Helen is incredibly professional, great at what she does, and the results of my visits have been phenomenal! I began seeing her for a number of issues, which included anxiety, intestinal health, and chronic headaches. The progress that I have seen in each of these areas is truly a testament to Helen as an individual, and also to Chinese Medicine as a whole.


Helen Spieth, L.Ac

email: intercrockett@gmail.com

Helen is passionate about Chinese Medicine and appreciates the opportunity to share this path to health and wellness with others. She is a graduate of the Masters program at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, and a licensed Acupuncturist in the State of OR.

Prior to this, Helen earned a Masters in Chemistry at Manchester University in the UK and worked in corporate London for several years before trading comfort and security for a one-way ticket to Bangkok and the quest for more balance and meaning in life. Traveling solo around Asia, she immersed herself in eastern culture and became intrigued with their approach to life, health and disease. The journey ultimately led her to Portland and NCNM where she was classically trained in the art and science of Chinese Medicine.

Her clinical experience and interests lend her to support those that are struggling with emotional issues along with the physical symptoms that accompany them. She values the support she can give patients through difficult or stressful life transitions such as divorce, grief, or chronic illness. Helen's ability to listen and observe with respect, curiosity and without judgment combined with the power of Chinese Medicine to simultaneously treat the body, mind and spirit, facilitates deep and lasting transformation in her clients.

Her other passions are her two children, and cooking to feed the physical health and soul of the family. Food as medicine is a foundation of Helen's treatment principles. She offers bi-annual nutrition classes and guided cleanses to interested patients to educate and empower them in taking an active role in their healing process as well as prevention of disease. She is also a part time instructor for the Wholistic Nutrition Program at the Wellspring School of Healing Arts, teaching Chinese Medicine Theory and Dietary Therapy.

Helen is expertly trained in the prescription of Chinese herbs and values herbs, diet and also Qigong, as steps that clients can take home to enhance their wellbeing.

Areas of Expertise

  • A wide variety of gastrointestinal disorders with particular attention to the gut-brain relationship, especially Mood
  • Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia 
  • Conditions precipitated by Stress
  • Addiction
  • Environmental and Food Allergies
  • Menstrual Disorders and Infertility
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Musculoskeletal Pain and Dystrophy
  • Chronic Conditions such as Autoimmune Diseases, Obesity, Diabetes, and Hypertension

Commonly Used Therapies

  • Acupuncture, Cupping & Moxibustion
  • Chinese Herbal Formulas
  • Dietary Therapy
  • Lifestyle Coaching


Masters of Acupuncture at National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, OR

Masters in Chemistry at Manchester University, Manchester, United Kingdom